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Composite Door Advantages

Composite doors are renowned for their toughness, but there’s more to them than resisting break-ins and keeping the bad weather at bay. At DL Windows, our composite doors are made bespoke to order and we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Choose any colour from the RAL chart and add further touches with a selection of accessories, including letterplates, handles and more. 

Our composite doors also have multiple glazing options. You can include eye-catching sidelights for brighter homes, or add stained glass windows or many other sophisticated designs. All of our glass is designed to let in ample light while ensuring privacy, so your house will feel airy and welcoming but passers-by won’t be able to look in.

Design Your Door
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Choosing A Composite Door

When it comes to installing a new composite door, DL Windows are the best choice for Wiltshire residents. We are a family run business with over fifty years of experience and are proud of our high standards. Our doors are made bespoke to order and we offer fast lead times and rapid installations.

We’re confident that you’ll love your new composite door from DL Windows. Get in touch with us today and you’ll get the most comprehensive front door service on the market, along with a ten-year guarantee for total peace of mind. 

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Our colour options not only enhance the visual appeal of your windows but also contribute to energy efficiency. Choose from our eco-friendly range, featuring cool shades that reflect sunlight and minimize heat absorption. Personalise your home with our customisable colour combinations, allowing you to express your unique taste.

Twilight Grey


Forest Green

Midnight Grey

Ruby Red

Truffle Brown

Buttercup Yellow


Pottery Blue

Pebble Grey

Granite Grey

Duck Egg Blue

Anthracite Grey


Chartwell Green



Foiled White

French Grey

Golden Oak

Irish Oak


Peacock Blue





Key Features


10% Thicker Than Regular Doors

Thanks to their innovative designs, our composite doors are thicker than regular front doors. This makes them sturdier and more reliable. The frames are also reinforced for better weather protection and home security. 


Thermally Efficient, With U-values As Low As 1.4 W/m²K


Multiple Colour Choices


Wide Selection Of Hardware


Improved Home Security

close up of a red composite door with elaborate glazing design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Composite Doors Warp?

Composite doors are less prone to warping than regular front doors. In fact, they’re less susceptible to several other problems, like discolouring or rot.

Are Composite Doors Environmentally Friendly?

Are Composite Doors More Expensive Than uPVC Doors?

How Secure Are Composite Doors?

What Locks Are Available?

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