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What Is An Orangery?

Orangeries are similar to atrium-style conservatories but have extra brickwork in the structure. This means they have less glass in them, with glazing covering less than 50% of the walls and less than 75% of the roof. Orangeries are often combined with roof lanterns and usually have brick pillars, making them seem more solid than conservatories.

Orangeries were originally introduced to the UK as a way to grow oranges and other citrus fruits in the colder climate (hence the name). They operated like greenhouses and could even be freestanding structures, but their use expanded. Nowadays, they’re more likely to be used as social spaces or as additional rooms. We’ve partnered with industry experts Ultraframe to provide their incredible orangeries to the people of Wiltshire. 

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Modern Orangeries

Modern orangeries benefit from up-to-date construction techniques. They have exceptional thermal insulation and maintaining a comfortable temperature is relatively easy, so they can be used all year round. They’re also fitted with sophisticated locking mechanisms to keep out unwanted intruders and are inherently safe and secure. 

Our orangeries are made bespoke to order and can be adapted in various ways. They can be fitted with French doors and different types of windows and there are numerous roofing options too. If you’re looking for a new orangery for your Wiltshire home, get in touch with DL Windows and let’s see what we can do for you.

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Key Features


Wide Glazing Areas For Increased Natural Light

Our orangeries can be fitted with stylish glazed panels, letting daylight flood in and brighten up your home.


Thermally Efficient, With U-values As Low As 0.17 W/m²K


Usable All Year Round


Double Glazed As Standard, With Optional Triple Glazing Upgrade


Ten-Year Guarantee

modern orangery with two roof lanterns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Orangeries More Expensive Than Conservatories?

It depends. The cost of an orangery or conservatory is influenced by a number of factors, such as the size or location of the project and the type of roofing used. Orangeries do tend to be marginally more expensive, but there is no definitive answer and it varies from project to project.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

How Long Do Orangeries Last?

Can I Install Bifold Doors In An Orangery?

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