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Tiled Conservatory Roofs From Ultraframe

Ultraframe’s tiled roofs are the result of years of development. They combine incredible thermal performance and stunning aesthetics for a truly modern conservatory roof. They’re fully tested and compliant to current building regulations, as well as quick to install. Order an Ultraframe tiled roof from DL Windows and you can expect a rapid turnover with minimal fuss.

Ultraframe solid roofs are the ideal way to replace a traditional glass roof. They offer superior thermal efficiency and will help make your conservatory feel more comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. You won’t have to deal with a hot and stuffy extension in the summer or ice-cold temperatures in winter, it’ll be a year-round living space with an Ultraframe roof. 

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Lighter And Stronger

Ultraframe make the lightest conservatory roofs on the market, weighing only 38kg/m² so they can be attached to a wide variety of extensions. Unlike their competitors, Ultraframe roofs don’t require unsightly tie bars and can span up to 4m unsupported. 

They’re also incredibly strong and are precision engineered to handle wind and heavy snow alike. They can accommodate large bifold doors and sliding doors without trouble, so are perfect if you want a more elaborate installation. 

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Key Features


Full Length Glazing Panels

Installing a tiled roof doesn’t mean you’re limiting the amount of sunlight in your home. Ultraframe roofs can be fitted with large glass panels that not only flood the house with light, they look amazing too.


Improved Home Comfort


Fast Fittings


Choice Of Tiles


Extra Lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Strong Are Tiled Conservatory Roofs?

Very; Ultraframe tiled roofs are built to last and will withstand the worst possible weather with ease.

How Much Does A Tiled Conservatory Roof Cost?

Do Ultraframe Tiled Roofs Have Any Accreditations?

Would It Not Be Quicker To Replace The Entire Conservatory?

If I Replace My Conservatory Roof, Do I Also Need To Replace The Windows?

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