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Why Sliding Sash Windows?

If you’re in the market for high quality uPVC windows, sliding sash windows are an excellent choice. They’re a functional, versatile type of window and can be customised to suit all tastes and preferences. Sliding sash windows suit traditional homes particularly well, but don’t discount them if you’ve got a more up-to-date type of house.

Quickslide uPVC sliding sash windows are perfect for replacing traditional windows made with timber. They’re more weather-resistant and secure, so don’t suffer from draughts or cracked paint. They’re also equipped with multi-chamber locking mechanisms and the frames are incredibly tough, so will frustrate any burglar who tries to break in.

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Quickslide Sliding Sash Windows

All of our windows have a wide array of customisations for that personal touch. You can choose from multiple colours, an extensive selection of hardware and even combine several windows to make sliding sash bow or bay windows. 

Regardless of what type of style you’re after, there’s a replacement uPVC window for you. They come with double glazing as standard with an optional triple glazing upgrade. Contact us today to find out more or get a quote by clicking the option below.

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Our colour options not only enhance the visual appeal of your windows but also contribute to energy efficiency. Choose from our eco-friendly range, featuring cool shades that reflect sunlight and minimize heat absorption. Personalise your home with our customisable colour combinations, allowing you to express your unique taste.

Black Grain

Chartwell Green

Cream Grain

Golden Oak


Irish Oak


Smooth White

White Grain

Key Features


Multiple Design Styles And Colours

We can replicate the look of classic timber windows or give them a more contemporary spin, not to mention a selection of colours ranging from smooth white to rosewood and chartwell green.


Double Glazed As Standard, With An Optional Triple Glazing Upgrade


Optional Extras


Low Maintenance And Long Lifespans


Energy Efficient With U-values As Low As 1.4 W/m²K

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do uPVC Sash Windows Cost?

We offer competitive pricing on our uPVC sash windows. It depends on your specifications, but our sash window prices start at £350. If you’d like a more personalised estimate, we recommend contacting us or requesting an online quote.

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