black conservatory roof with glass panels

No-Fuss Home Extensions

Give your conservatory the makeover it deserves with a replacement solid roof. They can be fitted to almost any type of conservatory, extending the lifespan and making it easier to control the internal temperature. No more stifling heat in the summer, no more freezing cold in winter; with Ultraframe, your conservatory is usable all year round.

These high-quality solid roofs are designed for rapid installation. At DL Windows, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and efficient service. Order a replacement roof with us and you can expect a professional, hassle-free response. 

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inside view of a solid conservatory roof with two double glazed panels

Compatible Roofs

Whether you’ve got a classic Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, a high-vaulted ceiling, a P-shaped extension or something else entirely, we can help. Our solid conservatory roofs will integrate seamlessly with your existing system and give it a new lease of life. 

It’s not just the style, we can also accommodate pitches as low as 5° and the lightweight tiles won’t put pressure on the structure. Adding a solid roof will make your conservatory feel more like a seamless part of the original building and we’re so confident in them that they all come with a ten-year guarantee.

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Glazed Panels For Extra Light

Combine the benefits of glazed and solid conservatory roofs with our double glazed panels. 


Vaulted Ceilings For Internal Lighting


Super Insulated Columns


Increase Property Value


Quieter Homes

large conservatory with a solid roof

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Existing Conservatory Strong Enough To Support A Solid Roof?

This is our most common question, but yes, almost certainly. It’s easy to get anxious about whether an older conservatory frame can support the weight of a solid roof, but unless it’s damaged or compromised, it should be fine.

How Much Does A Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

Do I Need Planning Permission For A New Conservatory Roof?

What Are Solid Roofs Made From?

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Conservatory Roof?

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